Monday, February 13, 2012

Morning Boost!!

This is something cheap, but good.  It's a facial scrub that detoxifies.  It exfoliates to remove toxins and your dead skin cells with natural luffa and coconut pulp enriched formula.  It also polishes away pore-clogging debris that can lead to breakouts to reveal fresher-looking, smoother skin and also prepares your skin for your daily moisturizer.  I hardly ever breakout, but after having my daughters I noticed my skin starts to breakout more and more.  This is a product that works for me and hopefully for you guys too! My skin feels instantly clean after using this scrub.

This is a Loreal's product that I had just starting using.  It's a daytime facial and neck lotion.  It was cheap  and so I thought I'll try it out.  Being a mother and always spending money on the family, I try to find facial products that are cheap and at the same time work as good as an expensive brand.  I use this in the morning after I wash my face with my Aveeno Facial Scrub.  Just enough to cover my face and neck.  It's also SPC approved so if you're using it for sun protection make sure you put it on before going out into the sun.  My first time trying this product so after a few more usage I'll blog about it to see if it makes a difference.


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